Date: 12-2-20 Time: 7:05am
Weather: Sunny Temp: 11
New Snow (24 hrs): 1 Total Accumulation: 12
Recommended Trail: Cow
Total Season Miles Groomed: 0.0 Last 24 Hours Miles Groomed: 0.0
Trail Conditions/Notes: Sunny skies and skiing just about everywhere! Conditions are excellent on trails off the valley floor and in open areas. Sunny cool and dry expected for the next week. Our cold temps have really kept the early season snow well but our overall coverage is still quite thin on trails in wooded areas or further down valley. We are all lucky to be skiing this time of year! Today grooming out of Chickadee, Cub, Gunn Ranch, Mazama, Browns Farm, Early Winters, and Winthrop. In Winthrop we still need more snow to recommend skiing there but it is possible to skate on most trails. Our online map and tracking system is down so we are manually updating the trail report page that lists individual trails and their status. Please look there for current updates.

Under state and county guidelines a face covering is not needed when you are outside walking, exercising, or otherwise outdoors as long as you are able to stay 6 feet away from other people who do not live with you. However, at trailheads, busy trails, bathrooms, any indoor spaces and trail intersections please be ready to pull a mask over your face to keep our trails open and trail users safe. As always our plan this winter will be to keep our trails roomy, with a minimum ski trail grooming width of 12 feet and 11 formal trailheads with hundreds of informal access points. Fresh corduroy and solitary tracks will be available daily for all who are willing to get up earlyish and ski away from the more popular venues. We have also added a mobile ticketing system to purchase and display trail passes on your phone. Of course, by nature winter sports naturally encourage the wearing of gloves, face and eye coverings, and other forms of functional PPE. Finally, grooming our trails is an isolated profession and art performed in the middle of the night, so we do not anticipate any disruption.

Trail passes are required. If you like what we do and want to see it continue please consider purchasing a full annual pass this year or donating to us on our website or app under tickets.

Methow Trails is a non-profit organization that has been connecting people and trails since 1977. Your donations and winter trail pass purchases sustains the trails you love year round.

Wax of the day
Mazama      map
Area Date Groomed Comments
Methow Valley Community Trail- Browns Farm to Suspension Bridge Trailhead 12-2 Few thin sections
Founders Trail 12-2
Methow Valley Community Trail- Mazama to Freestone Inn 12-2
Coyote Run 12-2
Inn Run Loop 12-2
Flagg Mountain Loop We are staying off the loop until this weekend to help support summer agricultural operations. Typically we begin grooming this loop 2 weeks after our season starts and 2 weeks before the season ends.
Goat Wall Loop 12-2
Goat Creek 12-2
Goat Creek Cutoff 12-2
Early Winters 12-2
Jacks 12-2
Johns Way 12-2
Lower River Run 12-2
Upper River Run 12-2
Rattlesnake Cutoff 11-26
Cassal Cutoff 11-26
Methow 11-30
Doe Canyon 11-30
Doe Canyon Loop 11-30
Sandy Butte 12-2
Base Camp 11.27 Thin in sections
Lunachik not currently groomed
Rendezvous      map
Area Date Groomed Comments
Cougar Bait 12-2
Cow Creek 12-2
Lynns 11.29 Thin in sections
Gunn Ranch 12-2 Few thin in sections
Lower Rendezvous Pass 12-2
Rendezvous Pass 12-2
Rendezvous Basin 12-2
Lower Rendezvous Basin 12-2
Sick Joke Hill 11-28
Upper Fawn Creek 11-28
Lower Fawn Creek 12-2
Grizzly Mountain Loop 12-2 Thin in places
Grizzly Way 12-2
Cedar Creek Loop (blue) 12-1
Cedar Creek Loop (black) 12-1
Cougar Mountain Loop 12-1 Thin in sections
Cassal Creek Loop (blue) 12-1
Cassal Creek Loop (black) 12-1 Thin in places
Cub Creek 12-2
Little Cub Creek 12-2
Cassal Hut not currently groomed
Grizzly Hut 11-19
Rendezvous Hut 11.28
Heifer Hut 11-21 not currently groomed
Sun Mountain      map
Area Date Groomed Comments
Thompson Ridge 12-2
Upper Thompson Ridge 12-2
Thompson Pass 12-2
Chickadee 12-2
Little Wolf 12-2
Aqua Loop 12-2 Not groomed all the way around
Yellow Jacket not currently groomed
Rodeo not currently groomed
Upper Fox 12-2
Lower Fox 12-2
Beaver Pond 12-2 Thin in places
Homestead 12-2
Criss Cross 12-2
Overland 12-2
Raven 11.19
Meadow Lark 11.30 thin sections, dirt
Blue Jay 11.27 thin sections, dirt
Lower Inside Passage 11.27 Skate only
Upper Inside Passage 11.30 Skate only
Sunnyside 12-2
Shortcut 12-2
View Ridge not currently groomed
Cabin 11.22
Winthrop      map
Area Date Groomed Comments
Methow Valley Community Trail- Winthrop to Powers Plunge 12-2 Skate only
Methow Valley Community Trail- Powers Plunge to Wolf Ridge 12-2 Skate only
Methow Valley Community Trail- Wolf Ridge to Browns Farm 12-1 Skate and classic
Powers Plunge 12-2 preliminary packing only
Winthrop Trail (Lower) 12-2 preliminary packing only
Winthrop Trail (Upper) not currently groomed
Fish Hatchery Loop 11.25 preliminary packing only
Barnsley Lake 12-2 Preliminary packing only
Bitterbrush 12-2 Preliminary packing only
Spring Creek Ranch Loop not currently groomed
Big Valley (Inner Loop) 12.1 Thin in sections with rough classic tracks
Big Valley (Outer Loop) 12.1 Thin in sections with rough classic tracks
Bob not currently groomed
Bike Trails
Please follow conditions of use. Thank you for riding responsibly.
Winthrop Fatbike Trails      map
Area Date Groomed Comments
Big Valley (Inner Loop)
Winthrop Fatbike Snowshoe 11.24
Packed and ready to go
Fish Hatchery Loop
Preliminary packing only
Big Valley (Outer Loop)
Mazama Fatbike Trails      map
Area Date Groomed Comments
Mazama Fatbike and Snowshoe